Catalina Island Circumnavigation: Day 1

Day 1 is in the books! 18 miles down, 40 to go.

The three girls had a perfect weather day to begin their 58 mile journey around the perimeter of Catalina. Beginning just after sunrise, they powered through nearly 20 miles of ocean paddling, often in deep water, several hundred feet offshore. Despite favorable weather conditions, the trio still encountered (and overcame) several challenges, in addition to the physical rigor of their journey's main goal. They experienced significant swell energy, creating confused seas to navigate, as well as a blazing sun as well as temporary seasickness. 

They powered through and made it to their first stop of the trip, Little Harbor, where they will camp for the night and continue their journey first thing tomorrow morning.

Below is a transcript of their journal entry from the day, as well as photos of their progress. 



August 8, 2018

Today we set out @ 7am on the first of our 4 day Catalina circumnavigation.

We had slight wind and swell from the south, pushing us along for the first 8 miles until we got to Lands End. Conditions continued to be a dream! The water glossed off and we made steady progress the rest of the 10 miles to Little Harbor.

Jaysea is a champ! Emily is a trooper. And I have an extra ab named Kelp. The backside was the most magic shade of blue. The kelp was amazing. Ribbon Rock was stunning and the water feels about 74º. Jaysea and Nat ate kelp (literally) and it wasn’t their favorite. Rescue Rick, Oxnard Fish and Crispy Corbin were the most solid boat crew.

Emily got a little seasick as we neared the west end and took a nap on the boat until Nat and Jaysea finished paddling to Little Harbor. Thankfully she is feeling better now and is still down to stick it out for the remaining 40 miles. Little Harbor is beautiful and we’ve got a sweet little camp setup in the shade. 

Tomorrow we head to Thunder Beach. There’s a hurricane coming up from Mexico which could mean a gnarly south swell, making beaching at our next campsite hard to get to. If the swell hits we’ll have to head an extra 10 miles to Avalon. It’s all part of the adventure & we’re stoked!





Stay tuned for Day 2!