Catalina Island Circumnavigation: Day 2


Day 2 down!  38 miles down, 14 to go. 

Day two of the Catalina Circumnavigation was another success. Due to incoming hurricane swells and a potentially dangerous beaching situation, the team opted to surpass their next planned stopping point – Salta Verde – and head an additional 10 miles around the east end of the island to reach what was intended to be their third destination – Avalon. This doubled the distance for their second day of paddling, which would seem daunting to anyone else. But these girls met the challenge with nothing but stoke and positivity. As you will read in their journal entry below, despite sore ribs and fatigued muscles, the beauty of this less populated side of Catalina and the deep color of the sea transfixed them, and kept any negative thoughts away. 

Their second-day push to Avalon puts them an entire day ahead of their planned schedule, with tomorrow's paddle being comprised of the last 14-mile leg back to Two Harbors, where they began their journey. 

Stay tuned!


 Journal Entry: 8/9/18

Yesterday we got reports of Hurricane John increasing in size + speed coming up from Mexico. The swells were predicted to hit late Thursday into Friday and high surf advisory was put into place for all the outer banks, including day 2's destination at Silver Canyon. Since it would be sketch to paddle into & out of the cove with the swell, we decided to grind out another 20 mile day all the way to Avalon, putting us an entire day ahead of schedule. It was a long haul but we were stoked the entire way.

The water was and the energy on the backside of the island was insane. So beautiful. The water was the most gorgeous shade of turquoise blue. Insanely clear.

When we woke up earlier that morning, we were all feeling pretty good. Surprisingly our ribs were much more sore than our shoulders. By mile 15 we were starting to feel it but the beauty of the island distracted us from any pain.

As we rounded the East End and made our way to Avalon it was hard to believe we had come all that way. Almost 40 miles in two days. 

We are all feeling pretty good now and it's nice to be back on land.

Our friends Johnny Q & his amazing wife Candy are letting us stay with them in Avalon tonight. Aside from the islands natural beauty, its also home to some beautiful people and we are thankful to be here with them and their family. 

Tomorrow marks our final day and we have a 14 mile paddle till we come full circle and return back to Two Harbors. It's crazy to think! This has been so much more than just a long paddle. We can't think of a better way to wrap up our summer in this place we love, doing all the things we love – so much time on the ocean. 

All the moments that have manifested out on the water will be hard to describe in words, but no doubt we'll ever forget. 

It'll be nice to return home tomorrow but part of me just doesn't want this to end!


A beautiful sunrise to start the day.


Jaysea and Natalie, showing their strength and endurance. 


Snack time and some much-needed rest.



Snacktime and some much needed rest.


The girls take in the vast beauty of the land and sea around them.


A sea creature friend, saying hello.


Rounding the bend at Avalon, and their final destination for the day.


So close!


Nothing but smiles and stoke from these amazing ladies.


 A royal chariot (read: golf cart) ride once back on land. 



Check back again tomorrow for the final leg of their journey!