Catalina Island Circumnavigation: Day 3


Day 3: 58 miles down, 0 to go. 

Up again with the sun, and Natalie, Jaysea and Emily powered their way through their third and final day of circumnavigating the island of Catalina. Although it was their last leg, and a few miles shorter than the previous day's paddle, today's journey was expected to be one of the most challenging of the trip. With the wind direction and angle of incoming swell, they would be working against the elements on their way back to Two Harbors. As it turned out, however, the conditions remained in their favor, providing glassy seas and a beautiful sunny day to guide them back to the final destination of their adventure.  



A fiery red sunrise to begin the day.

A fiery red sunrise to begin the day.

Jaysea and Natalie, ever in high spirits. 

Emily, powering through the last few miles of the trip. 

58 miles in 3 days means some stretching is required.

Crystal clear water and beautiful sea life below.

Sore shoulders, sore ribs, but there's no stopping these ladies!

Sea caves!

Adventures on adventures for these three. 

Almost there...

So close and yet so far...

 Two Harbors, and the end of the 58 mile round-trip.


Stay tuned for a full video edit, plus interviews and a full recap of the three-day circumnavigation, coming soon!

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