Emily Homolka


Emily grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, and spent her childhood there running wild through the mountains, forests and rivers. At 18, she left home to attend college in London, England, and has been traveling ever since. Emily loves the experiences and the opportunities that open up when she goes outside of her comfort zone, especially in order to pursue her passions. This has driven her to live, travel, and work in more than two dozen countries by the young age of 24. For the past year, Emily has been reconnecting with the nature from her childhood – first by working with the American Conservation Experience in Arizona to maintain, preserve, and protect national parks and trails; and, most recently, as a ranger on Catalina Island, where she has had the privilege of experiencing the untouched beauty of the island and is able to share that experience with the people who visit. Emily will attend the University of British Columbia as a graduate student in Fall 2018, where she hopes to help spread a love of learning and nature, while continuing her own personal journey of growth.