About Jill

Hometown: Carlsbad,
CAInstagram: @jilllcollins

Jill is a ray of sunshine and has a youthful, exuberant approach to life. She has pursued many kinetic interests in her life that match her energy such as gymnastics and dance yet found her true passions are tied to the ocean and yoga. Jill enjoys surfing with her family and friends as often as she can. She competes in shortboard for her middle school surf team.  She began practicing yoga when she started middle school and found it calmed her mind, body and spirit when she was feeling out of sorts. As she discovered the benefits of yoga. she wanted to share what she learned with those around her. Because of this, she set a goal to become a teacher when she was older. Shortly thereafter, she read an article about Jaysea Devoe and was inspired to hear Jaysea received her yoga teacher certification at the age of 12.  This opened up Jill's eyes to the possibility of becoming a teacher now. Why wait!? So thanks to Jaysea's example and inspiration, Jill enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training course at Mantra Yoga in Carlsbad and began pursuing her dream. She became a certified yoga instructor at the age of 12, and has had the opportunity to teach yoga to other girls her age inspiring them to pursue their dreams and goals as well, no matter how difficult they may seem.  She enjoys guiding her students through a practice that helps them slow down, calm down and get in touch with who they truly are. She likes to express to others the sentiment that she is just a normal girl that set her heart and mind on a goal that resonated with her and worked hard every day until she accomplished it. Through sharing her experience, Jill hopes to empower others to realize their full potential and become the best possible version of themselves.