Natalie Foote


Natalie was born, raised, and continues to live on the rural west end of Santa Catalina Island, 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles California. As a kid, Natalie was able to grow up slow and spent her days immersed in some of the best that nature has to offer. Whether she was out hiking the endless trails, running through the mountains in her backyard, or playing in the surf at a beach on the backside of the island, an active lifestyle outdoors was the foundation of her youth.

Nature is her playground, her gym, her sanctum, her greatest inspiration. It has sparked, lit, and been the fire behind many of her endeavors including her success as an elite multi-sport and adventure athlete; the joy she finds in creating delicious, sustainable food to nourish the body and soul; the sense of stewardship within her heart for protecting our environment, and her passion for sharing my love of health, fitness, nutrition, and nature with others.

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